No LaBeouf beef: Shia says he wrestled Tom Hardy but didn't knock him out

'Lawless' on-set rumours have been put to LeBed

Tom Hardy Shia LaBeouf
Tom Hardy with Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf has denied rumours that he knocked Tom Hardy out on the set of their film ‘Lawless’ – but revealed the pair often wrestled together.

LaBeouf said: “It’s a bunch of bullshit. We used to wrestle all the time. He was a big fucking person, especially then – he was getting ready for Bane.”

Talking about how the pair even wrestled naked, LaBeouf said: “My girlfriend at the time was over at my house. He runs into the room and the girl I was with at the time covered up and ran into the kitchen. Tom picked me up and I had nothing on, so I’m naked, on his shoulder in the hallway and we’re wrestling around.”

Explaining how the rumours that he knocked Hardy out began, LaBeouf said: “We were inching over to where the stairs were and he fell down the stairs. He wound up hurting his back, so for the rest of the shoot he told everyone I knocked him out but that wasn’t the case. We were having some weird, cutie wrestling match.”

LaBeouf was talking to YouTube series Hot Ones, in which celebrities are challenged to eat hot chicken wings. LaBeouf ended up crying at the spiciness of his Hot Spicy Wings.

He was promoting his new film Honey Boy, which LaBeouf wrote about his relationship with his father, Jeffrey Craig. It co-stars FKA Twigs and Lucas Hedges.

Hardy has often spoken about his admiration for LaBeouf. He told Esquire: “Shia has the ability to land scene after scene that builds a reality from utter fantasy. We know the robots aren’t really there. They just aren’t. When I watch Shia, they are.”

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