Frontier Airlines Extends Free Changes to 60 Days before Departure

Mommy Points alerted me to a new change at Frontier Airlines, which is extending their fee-free flight changes to any point 60 days before departure. In the past you needed to decide at least 90 days before departure. However, the fees are increasing as you get closer to the departure date.

Such flexibility is important because most of us, I think, know we will fly with an airline again in the future. We just know this particular trip isn’t going to work as planned. With enough notice I think it’s fair and reasonable that airlines should offer a free cancellation policy like this one. Southwest Airlines also offers free changes any time before departure.

I love that Alaska Airlines is getting bigger (remember when I learned it’s the 20th largest carrier in the WORLD?) and that comes with some big airline problems. Things like extra fees and cutting back on some formerly generous benefits. Alaska also used to offer free changes 60 days before departure to all its customers but cut the perk last year.

Oh well. I quite like Frontier, too, and would gladly fly them over Southwest Airlines thanks to the benefit of assigned seating. Other aspects may be a bit less comfortable. I wouldn’t want to fly in coach on a four-hour redeye. I also would bring my own snacks and try to avoid checking luggage. But for a three-hour jaunt to Lake Tahoe it’s pretty good.

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