UPDATE: Garuda Indonesia Status Match Request Form – Legitimate Campaign? (SUCCESS!)

Sebastian wrote a piece (access here) based on an email received from a reader regarding Garuda’s status match campaign that was somewhat unclear.

Garuda Indonesia

Another reader just dropped us a message that GarudaMiles match had been successfully processed. The program that the reader had matched from was Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Gold.

You can fine the required application form in the Garuda’s document center.

The status match is valid from the following programs based on a comment that a reader left:

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Thai Airways
  • Qantas
  • Cathay Pacific
  • JAL
  • ANA
  • Lufthansa
  • Malaysian Airlines

Here’s an email that the reader had received from GarudaMiles:

GarudaMiles Status Match Success

And the new GarudaMiles card was correctly showing on the app:

GarudaMiles Status Match Success Gard

The only issue that the reader mentioned was that the matched status was valid only for SIX MONTHS.

Here’s what Sebastian wrote about this match earlier:

Status matches are always popular and for some alliances, such as SkyTeam, often difficult to come by due to lack of available campaigns.

Our reader Valentin sent us a message asking about the legitimacy of a current status request form he came across.


through a blog post of the site TRAVEL DEALZ I learned of a status match offered by garudamiles.

Garuda does have the page on their website to request a match but it doesn’t look like an official promotion, more like a collection of different documents.

Since this requires me to send my passport to Garuda in Indonesia, can you tell if this is a scam?


Well I checked out the post which the guys from TD published yesterday and they don’t have a direct link either, even though they say that there is more information on the Garuda Indonesia website.

The only thing I was able to find regarding this is their application form in the document center.

Download (PDF, 358KB)

The form is obviously legitimate but it appears that Garuda just dumped all documents they ever used into that section of their website so there is no way to see if this is in fact a current promotion.

I also checked reports on Status Matcher and there isn’t much, only one success report from this month (July 2019) of someone who claims that he matched from Lufthansa M&M to GarudaMiles Gold (not even Elite Plus).

Of course you can give it a try but considering the document requirements I can see why one might be concerned:

I don’t like sending my passport to non government entities, especially to a general email address. This should be taken into consideration if you give it a try.


Glad that Garuda is processing these matches as intended. Not sure why the matched status, however, is only valid for six months? You would think that minimum 12 months would be appropriate.

There aren’t many SkyTeam airlines that matches from competing programs or offers fast tracks unlike with both Star Alliance and Oneworld. Good to know that there is at least this one.